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Golden Parsi da rosa




After years of tests, the R&D (Research & Development)-section of KIKU Ltd. launched for the season 2006/2007 a new, higher coloured striped Fuji-mutant: Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(S).

Fuji KIKU® Fubrax is a tree-mutation of the virusfree Fuji Brak(S). Both strains are growing side by side in our testing fields, together with a high number of other Fuji-strains.
Fubrax maintains the positive characteristics of  Brak(S), e.g. the superior taste, but has a more intensive overcolour. The red tone of the colour is the same, which is the most important characteristic for our apple trade partner.


The overcolour of the fruits is ruby-red striped; the percentage of overcolour on the fruit is very high, and all apples on the tree develop this high overcolour, even in the shadow part of the tree. Thus the packout is very high, with the advantages for both producer and trader.


Our R&D-section tested Fubrax for many years regarding stability and homogeneity. Parallely, we worked on the mother trees, and propagation material was only cut from fruit-bearing trees. By this so-called „selection work", we already achieved 100% trueness-to-type in KIKU®8, and we adopted the same system in Fuji Fubrax in the last years. Because of the stable variety, first trees have already been produced.

We applied for the plant patent of Fubrax in the most important Fuji-growing countries of the world.
First testing trees have been sent to European research stations recently.
Since the selling season 2006/2007 Braun Nurseries www.braun-apple.com have trees available. Every Fubrax-tree bears a blue KIKU®-label.


Also some European nurserymen in our key markets are licensed. These key markets are the countries in which trade partner of the „KIKU-Pool Europe" operate: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia.
Also Italy is an important market, because Fubrax may be a very interesting option in the Po Valley or other regions in which - till now - striped Fuji strains did not achieve satisfying overcolour (percentage).
Trees should be sold especially in these key markets, in order to guarantee our Partner in the „KIKU-Pool Europe" a strategic advantage.
The same should happen in countries like USA, Chile, South Africa, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. In these countries we have successful partnerships with nurserymen running since some years, and in the next months we will announce the apple trade Partner.
The first meeting of all the worldwide apple Partner took place in occasion of the specialized fair Interpoma (1st KIKU-Apple World-Meeting), and we discussed about last details of our worldwide apple strategy. This platform of Partner shall have the advantage of getting first our new varieties, not only Fubrax.

In November 2006 we presented Fubrax and other new varieties at Interpoma fair www.interpoma.it in Bolzano-South Tyrol.

The advertising campaign started with May 2006:


Harvest october 2006, Girlan, South Tyrol

Fuji KIKU® Fubrax(S)