Fuji KIKU® Fubrax*


KIKU® Fresh Apple Emotion

In people’s minds the best apples are red. And they taste like KIKU® – fresh, firm, tasty and sweet.

KIKU® apples are amazing: they look good and have a striped, ruby-red colouring over a large amount of the outer surface, even when picked from the shady parts of the tree.

Advantages at all stages: growing, yield, storage and commercialisation.


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KIKU® the apple

  • Super-tasty premium apple, easy storage variety
    The background colour is yellowish, the overcolour ruby-red striped; typicalle min. 50-60% colour for the variety.
  • good storability
    Its natural, crunchy freshness is kept for a long time. Even at room temperatures. KIKU® maintains its firmness, its incomparable taste and nice cosmetic appearance. To enjoy at its best, a cool storage is recommended however.
  • superior taste
    Flesh is very juicy, sweet.
    Crunchy fresh.
  • fruit firmness kg/cm (penetrometer)
    Min. average: 6.2 kg/cm at time of packing
  • high Brix° content
    Typically min. 14,7° Brix (sugar)
    However KIKU® has a very valanced sugar-acidity ratio.
  • Eating period
    year-round. With KIKU® growers producing in the Nothern and Southern Hemisphere, a year round delivery of apples can be arraged. This ensures not only a continuous supply to supermarkets and consumers, but also provides for apples from the latest and freshest harvest.
  • KIKU® occasionally develops a so-called “honey-core”.
    (or “water-core”) It is an indicator for ripe fruit and good sugar content, therefore recognized by many as a quality characteristic. During storage growers monitor its developement for this reason.

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Here you can download all documents about KIKU®Fubrax (S).