Golden Parsi* da rosa®


Golden Parsi* da rosa® the apple


After years of evaluation Golden Parsi da rosa® is now recommended according to the official newsletter from “Südtiroler Beratungsring”.
Golden Parsi da rosa® is almost not susceptible to russetting, like Golden Reinders. Golden Parsi da rosa® is best for upper valley and hills at max. 700m.

Source: SBR South Tyrol Consulting Group

This strain of Golden Clone B has been observed for some years, and represents an improvement: regarding russeting it seems that Golden Parsi can absolutely compete with Golden Reinders, but Golden Parsi maintains the typical characteristics of Clone B: taste, lenticels and yellow overcolour. The shape of the fruit is elongated.

In higher located orchards, part of the fruits develops an attractive red cheak.

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Golden Parisi(S) Da Rosa® the apple


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