KING Fuji® VW* – King of the blush strains

KING Fuji ® VW(S), a branch mutation from our virus-free KIKU®8 Brak, is the king of the high coloured blush Fujis. The early coloration and the high percentage of overcolor assure KING Fuji® VW(S) by far the top position amongst the blush Fuji clones.
He undertakes an absolute top position because of the combination of highest colour and a special tree shape:
KING FUJI® VW(S) has a spur vigor. Due to the compact architecture of the tree there are almost no parts of the fruits covered, and correspondigly little shadow area.
This advantage gets even more evident with the increasing tree age.
Whoever has problems with biannual bearing due to excessive growth, now has a perfect choice with KING Fuji® VW and his spur character.
A major problem of blush Fujis is the green spot on the backside of the apple not exposed to the sun, especially in the shadow part of the tree. In those growing areas where stripy Fujis do not perform as expected, with too low
packout, KING Fuji® VW solves your problem.

The same happens obviously also in good Fuji growing areas, also here KING Fuji® VW wins the race. Those areas would also be good for stripy types not having the green spot on the backside.

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KING® Grofn Fuji* Standard

For growth, we distinguish KING® Fuji VW* Spur and KING® Grofn Fuji* Standard. KING® Fuji VW* performs in a wonderful manner event at higher age of trees because of its compact growth and better light/sun penetration.

  • Super red blush types
  • Early coloration decreases sunburn
  • Higher percentage of overcolour compared to all competitors

Therefore every Fuji grower has an option:

  • striped, with or without the KIKU-concept: Fubrax*;
  • In orchards with strong growth, KING® Fuji VW* Spur is the best solution
  • Whoever is unhappy with Aztec*, has with KING® Grofn Fuji* Standard the best solution.

Fuji KIKU® Fubrax

The only recommended striped Fuji with granted PBR in EU

  • Ruby red striped
  • Intense overcolour, also in shadow part of the tree
  • Fubrax is the sole strain for the globally successful Apple Club