KIKU® The core of success

In 1990 Luis Braun, the South Tyrolean apple expert, was travelling through Japan when he discovered a branch in a Fuji orchard.
That branch was to lead to the natural mutant called Fuji KIKU®8 Brak(S). In South Tyrol apples from this branch also developed a particularly attractive colouring.

Long years of tests were to follow, in collaboration with research institutes, combined with continuous reconstruction work on the mother trees, all selected with painstaking care and precision.
Today the result is consistent plantations, all producing consistently good apples. No wonder if consultants and research institutes have been recommending KIKU for years and fruit growers follow this recommendation all over the world.

Today the KIKU® trademark and logo is protected throughout the world. Its consequent use guarantees both product recognition and traceability.
On the one hand through the KIKU label, which the licensed tree nursery owner puts on every tree. On the other by attractive point of sales presentation.
Recent years have confirmed that our strategy was the right one: demand for KIKU always exceeds current production levels. Advertising for KIKU targeting consumers is continually on the increase to keep pace with increasing production levels.

And you can be part of this success story.

KIKU® Freedom

Freedom is the prerequisite for good Partnerships

When you buy KIKU trees you are not bound by contract to any marketing guidelines. You are free at any time to sell your production as Fuji.

KIKU does however have something in common with the club marketing concept. If you decide to market your product under the KIKU trademark, either KIKU Ltd. or your local partner firm will reach an agreement with you. This ensures that quality requirements and one single image are maintained.

KIKU® The consumer

Right down the chain, from growers to retailers, everyone is interested to the same extent in steady sales figures. That is why the customer has to be sure that inside the blue box with the KIKU logo he will always find a fresh, sweet, tasty, high-quality apple.
After all, if his apple has an attractive appearance with an incredible shelf-life, people will enjoy this unique apple more and more. Longing for the Fresh Apple Emotion.
At this stage the consumer is convinced and wants to find the same fresh KIKU at the point of sales all the year round. He knows the kind of quality he can expect from apples with the blue-red KIKU label.

Since KIKU is grown all over the world it can always be marketed fresh. In the summertime our apples come from the southern hemisphere to reach our table nice and fresh. From autumn onwards growers in the northern hemisphere can cater for world markets. KIKU as an all year apple, that is part of the marketing strategy. The country of origin takes second place.

KIKU® Sales Strategy

The purpose of the so-called Pools is to ensure that production and marketing activities in the various continents work smoothly together. They are responsible for co-ordination, specific country-by-country marketing, sales and quality control: from the origin of the trees right down to choosing the product at the point of sales. Because only a high-quality product will convince consumers and ensure long-term, stable growth in sales figures.

KIKU is advertised in distribution channels where customers appreciate product quality, where high economic returns are possible and all those involved in marketing are rewarded for their work accordingly. The premium prices paid for KIKU products from recent harvests are convincing more and more producers to opt for this success apple. In the end this is the prerequisite: KIKU must always be available in just enough quantity to keep pace with market demand, triggered by promotion and advertising.

KIKU® Putting our heart into it

As KIKU team members we see ourselves as partners putting our heart into achieving success for everyone in the supply chain.
Rather like a server in a worldwide network of budwood orchards, tree nurseries, fruit growers, co-operatives, traders and dealers.
We are constantly trying to improve our know-how and making efforts to be that one step ahead. And the benefits achieved are all passed on to our partners. Openness is an important, basic principle for us.
Be sure that if you have a problem, we are committed to finding the right solution.

Where your business success is concerned, we also feel responsible for maintaining a balance between the demand for KIKU products and production levels as a whole.
Our motto? We like to build on mutual trust. We work closely with our partners and always aim to give our customers the very best propagation material, combined with a high-priced commercialisation strategy as well as an excellent point of sales presentation.
And we put our heart behind your success.
The Winner‘s Check List:

  • healty food
  • attractive appearance
  • fine taste
  • wonderful shelf life
  • always fresh
  • easy to harvest
  • good storage potential
  • excellent distribution channels
  • creative corporate design
  • strong recognition
  • fresh appearance
  • KIKU and sports

KIKU® and sports

Many athletes are members of the KIKU® family. A good, healthy diet and exercise fit perfectly. More than 25 athletes are supported by the premium apple brand KIKU. Some are professional athletes, some do simply realize their dreams, all in common have exciting stories to tell.

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